Anders Sundström

Welted ware

When it comes to the art of achieving the perfect spitshine, precision is key. Welted Ware’s enlightening guide, reviewed through the lens of Paul Brunngård’s luxury shoe care line, elevates this traditional practice to a new standard. Renowned for its high gloss retainability and ease of application, Paul Brunngård’s Spitshine formula has proven its superiority

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Ape to Gentleman – Ultimate luxory shoe care

The Ape to Gentleman magazine’s ultimate luxury shoe care guide provides a comprehensive look into maintaining men’s footwear. The art of  shoeshine is emphasized, where achieving the perfect gloss is an art involving the right balance of moisture, polish, and pressure​​. The guide also mentions the public event hosted by Arterton together with Brunngård, featuring

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Permanent style – best christmas gift 2022

In Permanent Style’s Christmas gift list for 2022, the Paul Brunngård shoe-care briefcase was highlighted as an exceptional choice among shoe-care products. Described as the best of its kind, this briefcase is a wool-lined case made of solid walnut, featuring details like magnets in the lid to hold brushes, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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