Revive the softness of leather

Restore Suppleness

Restoring life to the leather that has challanged the elements of nature. The Reviving cream is a compliment to Artistic cream with one main goal, revive the leather to its original supple and soft state and thus extend life

Extend the lifetime


Carefully selected oils such as mink oil and shea butter will help retain the suppleness and softness of the leather. Thus extending  lifetime and the quality. The soft waxes such as beeswax and Rose wax integrate into the leather fiber complex creating both protection and care and with repeted use the cream will retain luster for generations of use.

Shea butter

Rose wax

Vison oil

Natural Waxes and oils

Using the finest quality Vison oil and beeswax to restore the suppleness of leathers. High content of rose wax not only moistures and nurish the leather, but also provide a unique natural fragance to the leather and shoe.

The Power of Nature

Natural waxes and oils

Master the craftmanship


Most shoes get worn out too fast, and knowing when and what to use for restoring leathers to its former glory rather than how to use them is usually the struggle for most people. Check out our guides to learn more.  

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