Attain the Gloss

Made to Shine

Provide exceptional gloss with easy application to any smooth leather. Soft enough for easy application with our application brush, and sufficiently hard to Spitshine.

Shielding from the Elements


Due to the nature of the wax blend the polish provides high water repellency to the leather. This protects the leather from dirt, scratches and extends the lifetime of the shoes.




Natural Wax

Use the power of nature’s own waxes to restore, care and protect your leather shoes and accessories.  Thanks due to the hard waxes such as first grade Carnauba wax the polish can produce outstanding gloss and balanced with a variety of only natural waxes.

The Power of Nature

Natural waxes

Master the craftmanship


The sublime wax is made to be used for retaining exceptional gloss by both professionals and amateurs alike. Check out our own online guides.

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