The Social Briefcase

Never compromising on craftmanship

Intransigent Design

Crafted inĀ  the finest solid walnut wood and made with no compromise to material choice or construction.

Wool Felt

Solid Walnut Wood

Designated space for each item

Perfect fit

Featuring slots for each product needed for an evening of care.

10 x Wax polish

6 x Cream

2 x Brush

2 x Applicator

Adapted for Magnetic Connection

Magic attraction

The designated slots for all brushes have metallic bottoms underneath the wool felt allowing for magnetic connection. This ensures proper fastening during travel, easy access for use and storage.

Conveniant to bring to any happening


Shoe care was never suppose to be a burden, it is meditation for the conscientious and tools for the perfectionist. The Social briefcase provides a conveniant and portable solution to the vital shoe care needs.

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