New era of shoe care

We are happy to announce that on the 11th of February, we are going to launch PB as the new era of shoe care in the UK market together with Arterton London. This will now allow UK based customers to directly purchase their proper shoe care locally in London or online. To set off this collaboration we will have a day reserved for those who wish to learn more about shoe care and get some extra promotional goods.

All of PB portfolio will be available for display and purchase

The event will take place at Arterton London Seasonal showroom in London, Savile row 20 on the 11th of February. To really help the conservative users that might doubt our quality, we will offer to replace your old used tin can of polish with a new one. This offer will be limited to the first 50 customers so do not hesitate to come by.

Linus who will assist with quality shoe care also work with exiting new gentleman clothing trend and design

For those who still have passion for shoe care, we also offer to arrange personal workshop to discuss and go through your existing wardrobe and to optimize your shoe care routine in accordance to your objective and requirements. Please contact Arterton before the event for this service.

Shoe care rutine workshops will be individualized to your needs

For those who don’t know Arterton London, they work with some of the finest shoemakers, hand welted and hand sole stitched luxury shoes from Yearn shoemaker for the really picky one and Bridln as one of the most affordable Goodyear welted shoes with fantastic quality to price ratio.

Shoe care rutine workshops will be individualized to your needs

They also stock Nakata hangers, craftmanship from Japan on a level surpassing almost all suit hangers I have so far seen. These are only some of the products they sell and distribute in the UK but it gives an insight into what is to be found at the store. They work mainly with passion, craftsmanship, and the finer things. We really found a good companion to push for luxury shoe care in the UK.

Some of the very fancy Nakata Hangers found at Arterton London Seasonal showroom
Dont miss out on expert help to really set shine and care for your finer shoes

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